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Which freedom would she like to give up? Sex before marriage?
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With ObamaCare, The Buck Never Stops

medicineman Wrote: Oct 24, 2013 12:19 PM
This President is allergic to any form of labor that entails more than a speech and a public appearance. From the start of his administration he never lifter a finger to do anything more than a speech or TV appearance. He has had no relevant experience in his work history to manage or get things done. He's never had a paper route or lemon ade stand. Never managed a city or a state. Voted "present" as a Senator, because he preferred to do nothing, make speeches, and appearances. Just what did he do to earn a Nobel Peace Prize? Why did it take 5 years in office before he submitted a budget? And why was it so bad that it got defeated in the Senate 97-0. His own party rejected. Who was watching out for things during Benghazi? He was on the campaign trail and making speeches. Did he really earn the ops to attend the colleges and universities or was he accepted based on his race and the automatic addition of 100 pts to his SATs which was standard at that time. ACORN was really all about speeches to rile up protestors. No record of him ever attending a rally. He benefits from a press and MSM that has a gag order with respect to challenging anything he does or reporting anything negative. He wants to be emperor. To face the public and get applause. The MSM kisses his you know what and he just continues to bounce from one failure to another. What;s he done about the IRS? Fast and furious? His wife's poor menus for school kids. NOTHING. Lazy or inept. Take your choice.
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