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The damocrets passed this mess. 218 house socialists and 52 senate socialists is what forced the corrupted no health no care legislation into law. Of course law to socialists is entirely written in pencil and subject to change whenever. I truly believe that if the congress had 535 statesmen in office this monstrosity would have been laughed our of committee. Unfortunately with education being dumbed down by damocret policies we have politicians in office not Constitutionally honoring members. The senate in particular represent a political party not the nation, thanks to the 17th amendment. Senators want their party first, not the welfare of the nation. This will have to change, I hope peacefully. We must turn around and return to a Judeau Christion nation.
Are you kidding, once anything is passed by the criminals of congress, it is never eliminated. Damocrets saw a perfect program to create more federal workers and blasted Bush until he caved and the South Dakota rectum tommy trashle vomited the famous you can't 'professionalize until you federalize.' They are useless, but they are voters who know what party to vote for. Many of these workers now have $1000.00 dollar cameras that they confiscated from American travelers, and a porn library of big breasted women who went through the scanners. Does this agency need to be eliminated. Damned right, and all the employees need termination without wonderful retirement plans and health care plans that the taxpayers will have to pay for forever, but will it happen? Hell, no. The report will be shelved, the American traveler will be just as vulnerable, but the travelers will begin to see the TSA in bus terminals, at public events and in rest areas along our interstate roads as the plan to slavery for all proceeds. I won't fly, period.
Zero is only part of this criminal exercise by the corrupted damocrets in Congress. Reid, Pelosi and every damocret need hard labor in prison for the fraud, malfeasance and robbery of the future of the people in the country. Punishment should include seizure of their assets gained from lobbyists payment for legislation passed, and they should be assigned border patrol on the Mexico border, with blanks in their sidearms.
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The Fatal Conceit of Obamacare

mechanic Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 10:42 AM
I just hope that every politician on both sides of the aisle, every agency employee that watched and supported this travesty and every media member who alibied and supported the pretender in the White House all will meet swift demise, yesterday would be okay. Our nation has been sold out by liberals, communists and Islamist terrorists over past 50 years, one piece of freedom at a time.
Not one damocret can use the excuse they didn't know. They are all criminals deserving all the wrath brought upon them. Thanks to all the Low Intelligent Voters and 0bamaphone owners. The GOP however is culpable here as they all sit down to pee and have no backbone. It isn't settled law, so block all funding and kill it. 2014 will determine whether the US has a future or will be another socialist craphole among the other craphole socialist nations on the death bed of history. Comically, our dear comrade mark warner just scoffed when asked about 0bamacare problems. When you represent a party, not the nation and/or the State that sent you the nation dies. Damocrets are poster kids for this decay.
Instead, boeher complains that the usurper should give the same breaks to the individual. GOP and damocrats, one and the same. The usurper won't get blamed for anything. Ignorance in government in spades. I'll be writing my republican congressman again today. but with 2 damocrats in Virginias senate seats (mark and timmie), it is pointless to write them.
Absolutely, not! Government is out of control and doesn't represent the people, hasn't for decades. It was the communist party votes that passed this massive boondoggle, and these same pols will now try to repair the damage they inflicted upon themselves. If they succeed in exempting themselves my hope is that flags will be at half mast for many many days afterwards. The states have had no representation since the 17th amendment took government to dictatorial stage. Senators represent the party that they associate with, not the interest of the state that elected them. There is no reason that any state couldn't for example explore their own resources and the senators that used to represent the state interests would fight for the rights of the state. I hope that Townhall and the other sites keep close eye on the corrupted 535.
Regarding what this damocrat says. He is right about this bill not taking family transfers as it is written right now, but like the health care bill ended up at 2200 plus pages and a lot of manure from damocrat mouths ended up in making a lot of other things law. The next manchin bill, one that requires registration for family transfers is next weeks edition. The democrats are communists and are out to destroy the United States. When my father died the Onondaga County sheriffs department, syracuse, ny, sent a letter to his estate inquiring about any firearms he owned. They had to be turned in to the fornicating government. That was in 2003, so for this POE to say his bill won't take arms from families is just another damnedocrat party lie.
Yeah, and congress is conveniently exempted from it. Only passed with corrupted damnedocrat votes in house and bribes of damnedocrat members of the senate. 215 plus a couple maybe and 51 or so votes forced 300,000,000 citizens into a criminal scheme. May their days be made extremely short and painful. May the GOP find its gonads and kill it or may their career in congress be ended quickly also.
The socialist leader will not assist the US in becoming energy independent, It is going to require the States taking action. The States that have refineries up there should work together and run the pipeline to their refineries. Or build new refineries. North Dakota is exploding economically, so it would be a good place to start. If the government in DC objects, ignore them. Exercise States Rights. The citizens would be ecstatic over monies they would be earning from the products they refine and the lower states would be perfect to export to. Islamic nations could be told to eat their oil. We cannot remain free depending on countries that hate us for energy. Our leaders are making US commit suicide. IMHO
My two senators, mark warner and tim kaine voted to advance jack lew for treasury secretary. No surprise here, both are socialists to the core and follow the criminal harry reid, leader of the senate wherever he wants them to go. They also supported kerry and hagel. Damnedocrats to the core.
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