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mr. warner, repeal completely this monstrous obscenity, and leave the corrupted politicians dba as damedocret and rino's of congress and senate completely out of the mix. Terminate the 18000 new irs gestapo agents and cancel Congresses Cadillac health care plans. The government officials need to get their own insurance coverages like the rest of us with after tax dollars. Government workers generate not one dime of economic prosperity, they are bloodsuckers on the nations productivity.
After reading this I was going to email my senator mark warner about the mentality of the leader of the senate, a person who mark obeys faithfully. Realized that would be a waste of time, I instead will read about hairy reid and how he doesn't remember accusing republicans of lying about 0bambi/reid/pelosi health care horror stories. Lord, please welcome hairy home.
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Another Galling Betrayal

mechanic Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 9:10 AM
Dr. Sowell, please re-write your article and list every member of Congress who acted to see that the United States was shamed in this effort. Every damned one of these politicians need to have their names and party affiliation listed. We already know which side the obscenity in the WH stands on, as he has proclaimed he would stand with Islam if the winds changed. Treasonous traitor. The rest of our government has to be exposed, too. Thank you.
Each and every article about this obscenity called health and care lie MUST label EVERY damnedocret congressman and senator, as they are the reason for the death of America. Each and every republican member who has bowed and refused to fight this plague needs to be referenced each and every time. Worse, for me and other Virginians, our damnedocret senators are lock step behind all these corrupted moves by barry 0bama soetoro, the kenyan in the white house, and now with terry (clinton) mcaulifee and a corrupt AG herring, a wanna be eric holder worshiper, The commonwealth wants to look at aiding the obscenity of 0bama/reid/pelosi to insure complete control on Virginians health care monies. We also have some gop pukes in the Virginia senate, who are in favor of this FREE money from the 'fed,' for the poor. Personal responsibility is no longer in the dictionary for American public educated youth. Congress since 2010 has been able to stop the funding, but leaderless members have not stood for the people. This isn't going to end well.
The governor, Lt. Governor and attorney general are all cut from the same cloth as the president, the vice president and the us attorney general. herrings proclamation should surprise no one, and none of the above will be removed from office for their crimes against either Constitution. its a damocret thing
The perp probably survived because the citizen was not using hollow point ammunition, Our HHS department of fed criminals DID AND DOES BUY massive amounts of hollow point ammunition, in order to be sure that citizens are non-survivors. Always do a final head shot. As the Texas lady before the judge replied when asked why she fired six times into the perp, she said that the seventh time she pulled the trigger she heard click. Case dismissed.
The damocrets passed this mess. 218 house socialists and 52 senate socialists is what forced the corrupted no health no care legislation into law. Of course law to socialists is entirely written in pencil and subject to change whenever. I truly believe that if the congress had 535 statesmen in office this monstrosity would have been laughed our of committee. Unfortunately with education being dumbed down by damocret policies we have politicians in office not Constitutionally honoring members. The senate in particular represent a political party not the nation, thanks to the 17th amendment. Senators want their party first, not the welfare of the nation. This will have to change, I hope peacefully. We must turn around and return to a Judeau Christion nation.
Are you kidding, once anything is passed by the criminals of congress, it is never eliminated. Damocrets saw a perfect program to create more federal workers and blasted Bush until he caved and the South Dakota rectum tommy trashle vomited the famous you can't 'professionalize until you federalize.' They are useless, but they are voters who know what party to vote for. Many of these workers now have $1000.00 dollar cameras that they confiscated from American travelers, and a porn library of big breasted women who went through the scanners. Does this agency need to be eliminated. Damned right, and all the employees need termination without wonderful retirement plans and health care plans that the taxpayers will have to pay for forever, but will it happen? Hell, no. The report will be shelved, the American traveler will be just as vulnerable, but the travelers will begin to see the TSA in bus terminals, at public events and in rest areas along our interstate roads as the plan to slavery for all proceeds. I won't fly, period.
Zero is only part of this criminal exercise by the corrupted damocrets in Congress. Reid, Pelosi and every damocret need hard labor in prison for the fraud, malfeasance and robbery of the future of the people in the country. Punishment should include seizure of their assets gained from lobbyists payment for legislation passed, and they should be assigned border patrol on the Mexico border, with blanks in their sidearms.
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The Fatal Conceit of Obamacare

mechanic Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 10:42 AM
I just hope that every politician on both sides of the aisle, every agency employee that watched and supported this travesty and every media member who alibied and supported the pretender in the White House all will meet swift demise, yesterday would be okay. Our nation has been sold out by liberals, communists and Islamist terrorists over past 50 years, one piece of freedom at a time.
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