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The Kalifornia bimbo doesn't defend the Country against enemies, foreign and domestic, she is a treasonous pile of manure, deserving of the penalty that used to be reserved for individuals guilty of treason. She is though, a good example of what the damnedocrets party is. These people are destroying the United States, and it is even into State governments now, as terry mcawful has determined that he can ignore the will of the people through the commonwealths representatives. He is testing to see just how far he can violate rule of law. Just another pelosi, just another damnedocret. Move on there is nothing here to see.
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The Continuing Obamacare Nightmare

mechanic Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 9:17 AM
My senator proposed several ideas to repair zerobambi/no care, as he thinks it is a good plan, he voted for it, he votes zerobambis agenda 98% of the time. He's a political party servant not a representative of the Commonwealths citizens. YES, he is a corrupted damnedocret. warner must be defeated in 2014, and his shadow timmy kaine has to go too. Sadly Virginia has 4 years left of kaine.
ellison is first an islamist, a terrorist, an anti-Constitutionalist, anti rule of law slug and last he is a fornicating damnedocret. He refused to take his oath of office on the Bible, just like his leader 0bambi. This nation is being killed by our enemies from within, while Islamic terrorist nations applaud. 50 damocret senators with one way tickets to Iran is what? A good start.
Making leader plural is an improvement to your comment, and more accurate. Thanks
Way to many articles about this monstrosity leave out the fact that the entire damnedocret party members of Congress are the cause. This legislation was forced upon the citizen by the damnedocret baboon side of the aisle, only. Republicans voiced great concerns about this illegal action but were not allowed to approach the table with ideas. Instead the damnedocrets bribed members to buy votes for it. Every article needs to mention this, and sadly many don't. IT WAS DAMNEDOCRETS LEGISLATION ONLY. Make the baboons pay for it in November.
Cut funding to an agency. Won't ever happen, and the baboons know it. Congress is truly out of control and deserve anything that will be coming their way from the people.
Congress again is solely to blame, they passed legislation creating a monster, then allowed it to morph into the cesspool it is today. Oversight is never considered as politicians allow agency after agency to be legislated and then go its merry way building its own legacy of socialism and destruction. Incumbency is spelled corruption and agency after agency is proving it. End the DOE, OSHA, EPA, ACA, DofEnergy, How? These obscenities are trolling billions of taxpayer dollars to promote their own future and Congress IS the problem. You can't destroy my favorite agency, say they all. The 17th amendment, questionably ratified in my opinion was a building block to the destruction of our representative republic. Sadly the promoters of this amendment are long dead, but its destruction is marching on. The beatings will continue until the results are what the destroyers want.
Watch the usual repukelicans mclame, mcgrahamesty, mcconnell as how they vote for the zerobama appointee, I predict they will continue to kiss reids azzze and praise this witch as a good thing compared to the last witch. The repukelican party so easily ignore their oath of office to protect the Constitution and the law, then ignore deliberately the actions of their criminal leader hairy reid. The scene in Nevada with hairy and family exposed as going to make millions on a commie chinese deal with the damedocret leader of the senate and no one is screaming for hairy reids scalp.
This pos will not get my vote, after showing his attitude about our laws, he can go multiply hisself.
mr. warner, repeal completely this monstrous obscenity, and leave the corrupted politicians dba as damedocret and rino's of congress and senate completely out of the mix. Terminate the 18000 new irs gestapo agents and cancel Congresses Cadillac health care plans. The government officials need to get their own insurance coverages like the rest of us with after tax dollars. Government workers generate not one dime of economic prosperity, they are bloodsuckers on the nations productivity.
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