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oooh Ed, we are soo afraid. You big dope. Nobody is afraid of you and nobody even likes you....and to quote your own words, you are a fat "talk slub Unfortunately you are an over-the-hill talk slub that does not know when it is time to get off the street. So sad.
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The Military Dream Team

mduval Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 3:05 PM
I got married and as a result lost my dog........I made a mistake....should have lost the wife.
anyone who has seen it on the inside knows there is no such thing as organized religion!
The Catholic Bishops may have some moral authority on Dogma but they have been utterly useless in their social dogma and implementation. I am tired of their endless 'special' collections for the Eastern European Church, for the Black and Native American Missions, Latin American Collection, etc. Let the Bishops start focusing their attention on the quality of the their ministry and the performance of their priests......
I do not agree with his politics but cut Bekel some slack....Eric should not have hit Bib in the shoulder. He has done it before and Bob expressed his displeasure at the gesture. Eric may be more physical in his expressions as an athlete but Bob may not buy into it. I have said the same thing when someone wags a finger in my face.
Yeah Vice President Biden? Paul Ryan did not have the opportunity to show his dad a budget.
What a wuse
The lefties just want to know what a tax return looks like....paying taxes is a foreign experience to them....btw...has John Kerry ever registered his yacht in his home state instead of Rhode Island?
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Paul Ryan: Hunting Machine

mduval Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:42 AM
I guess it would be more acceptable to the democrats if Ryan was holding a dog.......mmmmm...delicious to the presidential palate
Just don't get it!? Think back to Dan Rather and the phony docs they presented on George W. Bush....it does not matter if the story is true....as long as according to the Dems it rings true to a greater narrative and serves a greater purpose........the ends justify the means and until the RNC understands that they will continue to allow themselves to be beaten like a dog.
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