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Romney's taxes: Who cares?

md'truth Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 5:00 AM
The American society that CONS claim to love so much would cease to function if every one paid taxes the way Willard pays them. Willard is cheating every low and middle income earner when he doesn't pay his fair share. Willard uses charitable donations the way every CON uses them, as a means of reducing his taxes. His "charitable donations" have nothing to do with charity. If President Obama was as inept as the CONS believe him to be then why does Willard and Lyin have to resort to lies? It would seem that to defeat President Obama all Willard would have to do is lay out his record as President. Unfortunately for GOPers there are too many successes, despite the best efforts of the GOTParty to obstruct his efforts.
Did anyone think the release of Mitt Romney's tax returns would satisfy Democrats and make them focus on the real issues in this campaign, including President Obama's failed domestic and foreign policy record and approaching massive tax increases? If so, please call me for a great deal on Arizona swampland.

The Obama campaign's deputy manager, Stephanie Cutter, accused Romney of taking advantage of lower tax rates for capital gains available only to "those at the top." Is Cutter saying Romney is wrong to obey tax law? The tax code is a mess. It, not Romney, should be the object...