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Its part of the "everyone is special" culture where you get a participation award just for showing up. Therefore he was "honorable" just for signing up.
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Big insurance rate hikes in the future?

Mdinaz Wrote: May 26, 2014 10:32 PM
In the system prior to the ACA , if you had no gaps in insurance, you could move from one company to another without getting denial for pre-existing conditions. This was the incentive to have continuous coverage. As a small business owner I have switched our plan several times over the last 20 years. The only thing that might be different is moving from medicaid to an individual plan or obviously having large gaps with no insurance.
Especially when you get the likes of the one from Iowa who bragged about fighting tort reform for 25 years.
No, his real threat is to not bless Putin with his presence at the G8.
Yeah, I think she got it backward. Obamacare needs the "knuckleheads" not the other way around.
No pre natal care from an OB. Using the ER as her health clinic. Any wonder why health care costs continue to rise?
It comes down to three things. Quality, access, and cost. You can have any two but the third will suffer. Through Obamacare, the government has found a way to diminish all three.
He wants to have Congress to blame if they say no. He wants to be able to say he had their backing if they say yes. I think they (Republicans) should neither condone his actions nor stand in the way of his actions by taking a page out of Obama's playbook (voting present) and abstaining to vote and let the Dems back him. If they get the USA into this war, they own it lock, stock, and barrel. If he doesn't, they are not the obstructionists.
Now if he had destroyed some rain forest he would really have been in trouble.
It appeared that they want him alive because they took him to the hospital when he was dying from the smoke inhalation ( and possibly the molestation) ( coroner's report not available). They tried again when they attacked the Tunisian gas plant and one of their demands was the release of the blind sheik.
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