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what are you suggesting youre going to militarize you and your buddys and start killing up blacks ha ha funny its not the 1950's buddy you'll either end up arrested or or worse. everyone has weapons and some have chips on their shoulder black&white. so stop the nonsense about racewars it wont happen t sorry but the 19th century is over focus on improving your direct community if white and blacks did this TOGETHER like most resonable folks can you'd see the world is much bigger than thetiny shell most people live in
cute! youre a moron! department of family and children services for the state of georgia alone shows stats of more whites on public assistance than blacks. and in regard to that statement i would say that 32 percent of my salary is going to methheads who defraud disabillty benefits, public housing etc as well as blacks and while at the supermarket one white lady no more than 25 and perfectly healthy and able looking had the audacity to ask me if wanted to buy some foodstamps from her and its the majority blacks cheating the system youre delusional
show us what database you're actually pulling these stats from actually sounds sort of distorted being i study criminal statistics along with criminal justice. sounds to me we have a opinion formed regardless of any evedince that proves otherwise its okay if youre prejudice thats your right as an american just man up an say you believe that its only the blacks causing maheim and committing crimes in black,hispanic,white and what ever other communities
youre insane the bombing of a black CHURCH!!! worshiping God is a crime now? klan killings of Innocent black children? assassination of MLK what was his crime again? WHAT WERE THE CRIMES OF THOSE MEN IN TEXAS KILLED BY HATE GROUPS OTHER THAN BEING BLACK? oh and by the way do you have an adequate cont of those killed by racist white police during the Montgomery bus boycott the past 150 years show me your data you cant its fiction actually the majority of crimes committed by blacks are on other blacks look up that data fbi.gov/stats/metrocrimes
incorrect read all the stats from 1950 until now not just what you want to post i guess during the 1950s whites didnt commit the most crimes against blacks hangings ,rapes, murders, the 1970s as well what about the lynchings in Tyler, vidor, and sugarland Texas in the 1990s you must clearly be blind or dont read well. less than10 rapes for what city and state? the feds post all that info you know and in case you didnt those numbers are not conclusive for the intere us its broken down on a state and city basis. blacks do commit violent crimes on whites and it does in my opinion deserve way more attention to those in the black community who are unaware of it but you just wanna lay the blame on blacks ..no way buddy , methheads are real!!
thats ignorance speaking then it falls back on him and the federal government who actually wants to clean up a mess like that .....umm nobody whos a civil human being i believe he's just not a good decision maker on a lot of issues
not completely accurate look at the timeline stated on their and which year that represented it was conclusive for a certain time frame did this include the early 1900s to 2000 no it didnt look up all the hate crimes statistics in their entirety fbi.gov/stats/sec44_5 whites have committed overall more hate crimes than blacks buddy dont pick and choose information to try to make blacks look bad by their selves hate crimes shouldnt be tolerated from black or white if youre racist thats your constitutional right"freedom of expression so long as you dont act on it involving a another person of the race you so called hate. its stupid on anybodys part racist black or white have way to much time on their hand
how many blacks do you talk to on a regular basis about politics are you talking to people with all the same opinions? do they all come from the same type of backgrounds? do they all have the same financial stautus? what i named are people examples of people who are the same race but have different circumstances so in turn these people may have only have on thing in common and that is skin color why do people who are not black love to say blacks like youre speaking for everybody this is where your ignorance really shines cause all balcks dont agree on the same things desipte your inaccurate beliefs would it be fair to say WHITE PEOPLE when a black person is speaking of racism? NO cause it doesnt represent ALL whites
sounds like random jiberish to me youre talking disipte youre ignorant beliefs the only blacks that will be contributing to civil disorder are the ones the are disorderly anyway it doesnt have to be about trayvon martin thats just a cause and a place for those type of people this isnt the majority of black people oh by the way black brains are capable of discerning nonsense that people speak including political leaders in case you didnt know WOW
no it just furthers this vicious cycle we all think we have the answers to. cause eventually it will set off a racial war some idiots say HOO-RAH to that till its your child thats gets killed and dont be naive it can happen to anyone who sets foot ouside their home or even in their home you can think yore commando or somebody and you youre untouchable but everyone has guns and thats all it takes. i a agree thugs both black or white shoulnt be tolerated but is it because the guy was black youre insinuating this or because it shoulnt happen to anyone black or white?
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