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When are we ever going to get the true rendition of the democratic party's real political history of helping blacks? The whole country has been so brainwashed to believe that the Democrats have always been on their side and the Republicans against. We need a national teaching moment to proclaim that it ain't so. This president has done more to promote this nonsense than any other person in the US.
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Cheap Politicians

mdeets Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 9:45 AM
Term limits is the part of the equation that would stop some of the stupidity, cronyism, etc. This continual campaigning is the ridiculous part of our current political situation. We pay these legislative and executive branch people for campaigning half of their term . Who pays for the president to fly around with his entourage to all these campaign stops? Perhaps with term limits they would do things good for the country not just good for them and perhaps they would have an urgency to get things done that they certainly do not seem to have now. How do we get term limits to a vote sooner rather than later?
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Obama's Abandoned Power Plants

mdeets Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 8:18 AM
The American people, unfortunately, know more about who they want to win American Idol or the Super Bowl than what this president and his complicit media are doing to our country. So foolish to believe all the beautiful rhetoric which is full of empty promises. If you have seen Howard Stern's interviews with Obama supporters it must make you realize we are in a heap of trouble. Sadly, there are probably as many woefully ignorant voters on the other side. But, hey, HE'S GOING TO GIVE US ALL A PHONE AND OTHER FREE STUFF.
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Netanyahu Sets CNN Straight on Iran

mdeets Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 11:49 AM
Love Netanyahu's responses. And she is going to be the presidential debate moderator. Should be interesting as she tries to be objective.
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War Through Weakness

mdeets Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 10:36 AM
This WH is dangerously and woefully ignorant of our enemy yet are trying to continue misguided policy. Have any of them tried to even minimally educate themselves about Islam? I seriously doubt it. Their ignorance and their spin is proving deadly.
Just an afterthought; where is Obama who said he would be out there because he had a coat, hat and shoes and would be right there marching with unions on strike? I cannot understand why this man has any believability left. Also we certainly wouldn't want parents able to choose where their kids go to school with a voucher program because then these 30,000 striking teachers would not have a job.
Why is our administration so blindly ignorant of the enemy we are fighting? Have any of them tried to minimally educate themselves on Islam/sharia law/jihad. When Hillary said she just could not understand why they would do this that was a big spotlight into the ineptness and total ignorance of this administration's foreign policy then our ambassador to the UN Rice says it was "the disgusting and reprehensible video "about Islam and denied there was any premeditation while the Libyan ambassador says it was a premeditated attack. Have any of our administration even seen the video? I doubt very seriously that they have just like Eric Holder did not bother to read the Arizona immigration law before bringing a lawsuit against Arizona.
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