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Unemployment Rate 7.8%- The Web's Most Complete Report

mdecca Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 7:43 AM
I agree with you completely. It's really a sad day for America when we can no longer believe our own government institutions. The MSM is one thing, but one always hoped the government agencies were above partisan politics. This shows us how wrong we were to put faith in the bureaucracy.

Initial Reaction and Election Impact

The establishment report of +114,000 jobs was pretty much about what most expected. The four-month average is a mere 120,000 a month (a very weak set of establishment numbers for this point in a recovery).

However, the household survey surprise shows the unemployment rate fell three-tenths of a percent to 7.8%.

On the surface, this is a solid showing, and 100% certain to boost the Obama campaign. I suggest these numbers will overshadow a horrendously weak...