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Time to Impeach Cummings and fire his staff. Corruption is alive and well among the Democrats in Congress! This continued harassment and jack-boot thuggery by the IRS, DOJ, EPA and other federal agencies has got to be stopped before another civil war breaks out. Citizens need to stand up and say enough is enough!
Holder lied and should be prosecuted! Plain and simple. He's lost all credibility except with the criminal left who will defend him and their positions no matter how obviously wrong or unbelievable they are. They must believe the public is just plain stupid...but then again, I guess those who vote for Liberals are.
There are so many lies, criminal acts, bold in-your-face "what are you going to do about it" scandals in this Administration, that the public...at least those who pay any attention... are overwhelmed. Which to go after first? Which is the most egregious? Which will garner the attention of even the boot licking Mainstream Media? Well at least when their ox is being gored by the Fox/Rosen or AP stories, they begin to stand up and be counted. But that's about it. For the rest, it's Fox or the Internet. Meanwhile the uninformed low information voter knows nothing or cares less. Obama and this Administration think the people are just plain stupid. In the face of all the evidence exposing them, they simply deny, deny and deny...or blame someone else. And they may be right. The public as a whole, and the MSM, sure appear to be stupid.
Let's see now...this is scandal #3 that needs a Special Prosecutor... Benghazi, IRS and now this.
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Abraham Lincoln

mdecca Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 7:51 AM
One tends to forget to put people's thoughts, ideas and beliefs in the context of their times. That includes LIncoln. It is no secret that he felt that the Southern states had the right, under the Constitution, to remain slave states so long as their states' legislatures kept those laws in place. Our Founding Fathers could not agree on the issue and left it for other generations to sort out. No matter what his motives, Lincoln did free the union from slavery, for which we should be eternally grateful.
Sure, give them all they want, but the problem is we all go down with the ship. The country made a huge mistake in passing up Mitt Romney...one guy who could have put us back on the road to recovery.
Voter intimidation anyone?
Romney made a strategic decision not to attack Obama and not allowing Obama to make him sound like a war monger. I think that was a mistake. Romney had an opportunity to nail it and deliver the knockout blow to Obama, but for his own reasons chose not to. I used the word "peace" several times which gives a clue to his strategy. Everyone knows Obama's foreign policy is in shambles what with the Benghazi disaster and coverup, the Arab Spring turning into a win for Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood, foreign outside Jihadists and tactical weapons flowing into Syria to take over the revolt against Assad with little evidence of the West trying to stop it, yet Romney chose not to bring up any of that. In my opinion, that was a mistake.
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Prop 30 -- Delphic Oracle Pronouncement

mdecca Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 8:54 AM
CA should take lessons from Scott Walker in Wisconsin. The voters ultimately chose sanity over teacher's union and other union leaders.
The only one Obama beat in the 2nd debate was Obama from the 1st debate. Romney beat Obama in just about everything, substance and style. Can't wait to see what Romney does to Obama next Monday.
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