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Newsweek: "Hit the Road, Barack"

mcurl Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 7:45 PM
Just so everyone knows. , last night I saw something that came from one of the sites stating that a California court ordered that Occidental college release records pertaining to Obama. It clearly showed that Obama applied as a foreign student. The next morning this morning the article vanished. Not only is the media hiding and covering for Obama now we have the government hiding the truth about the usurper in chief. That information is vital that all people of the United States see. I think if the republicans win in November that all the people involved with this kind of thing all be rounded up and have a large trial like mthey had after world war 2 and put all those people in jail for the rest of their lives for treason.
Bob Beckel is a fat stupid lying dog. I don't like him and I think he is just one of the people covering for the illegitimate Obama. I think this borders on treason. I can't stand this guy. I wish he'd shut his big fat mouth.
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