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Banning Armor penetrating ammo is predicated on the existence of handguns that will fire the given round. ( just about any rifle makes a joke of the body armor the use as a standard.) In the case of this current military round that is popular among shooters when sold as an overage or due to technical rejection of a lot, it can be fired in a handfull of silly little pistols based on the Stoner/AR concept. They are not common items and not concealable enough to be "Weapons! Of! Choice!" for any of the categories of Bad Guy the sissy-prissie-libero-useless dig out of their rectums.
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Targeting "Assault Weapons" Again

mcumpston Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 1:58 PM
Actually, quite a bit did happen with the passage of the AWB. Clinton told the 'crats that there would be no political consequences. They were slaughtered in the next election and lost both houses of Congress. Most of the states reacted to Clinton's success with the AWB and the Brady thing by passing Shall Issue Concealed Handgun legislation- either making CCW legal for the first time or reforming may issue laws that excluded ordinary citizens. There was a massive rush to buy guns of all kinds -especially the ones that resemble military arms. While Clinton vacationed at the Kennedy Compound, prior to signing the bill, ammunition companies got busy and manufactured a near-everlasting supply of high capacity magazines.Meanwhile, the gun companies began making AR rifles with fewer cosmetic military features. These "Post-ban" rifles- AR15s AK47s and others, were just as useful if not more so than the pre-ban rifles and slold briskly until the law expired. Development of more user friendly and accurate rifles of the basic ty[e continued and a number of sporting calibers were added.
before the machines, the democrats just tossed the ballots.
The democrats responsible will plead ignorance and invoke the " I am a stupid democrat" affirmative defense to prosecution.
The misdirected votes can't be assigned to abbot but a number of people probably opted "Straight Republican" These should be separated and assigned to Abbot since the voter made a conscious party choice and didn't get tricked into voting from Mr. Dewhurst. The democrats will benefit from the fruits of the poisoned tree but the impact could be lessened by doing the above.
Mutha Jones is really upset about his all the way back to his expose of ACORN. The demorrhoids apparently believe they have a right to steal elections to make up for the republicans suppressing the low motivation vote by making the lazycrats get a picture ID.
It would be reasonable for a judge to vacate the conviction entirely or reduce it to a misdemeanor. This would require a judge who lives a blameless life to protect himself from malicious prosecution by the State.
It really did backfire The women on The View- usually a safe venue for the far left, have found themselves in the same situation and it looks like all but one die-hard have gotten handguns as a result
Lately, the entire ceretopsian species has been debunked as never existing. Talk about an endanger species
What did the Grafiti say????....Something like "Fouch you, man."
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