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It would be reasonable for a judge to vacate the conviction entirely or reduce it to a misdemeanor. This would require a judge who lives a blameless life to protect himself from malicious prosecution by the State.
It really did backfire The women on The View- usually a safe venue for the far left, have found themselves in the same situation and it looks like all but one die-hard have gotten handguns as a result
Lately, the entire ceretopsian species has been debunked as never existing. Talk about an endanger species
What did the Grafiti say????....Something like "Fouch you, man."
This useless little man admits that his movement is useless but vows to return after people have forgotten how essentially corrupt and sinister the United States government under the democrats has become. Somehow, these drones think electing another democrat messiah will fix everything.
Yep. Jimmuh Carter- the baby ruth in everybody's punch bowl.
You old meeny! You just made a whole bunch of feculent,flatulent couch-sitting whineys burst into tears.
It is likely that any gun company that wants to retain its major customer base will have to stay out of California. There is a move however; to subdivide the state and abandon the coastal population centers to the hippies.
He has very even features. That woman that said he's not good looking probably is of the same ilk that harbors dark lust for Justine Bieber and used to workship Sean Cassidy before he grew up.
With a 'crat, it always comes down to "It depends on what the definiation of "is" is." There is a different standard of care operating here as the' crat definition of the truth is whatever comes flying out of their mouths at any given moment. A 'crat could probably flat-line a polygraph. 'Bammer himself might have been mildly surprised at the colapse of the medical insurance universe not having anticipated or much cared that it might happen. In any case, it's like that great Democrat Mao Tse Tung said, "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."
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