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Yep. Jimmuh Carter- the baby ruth in everybody's punch bowl.
You old meeny! You just made a whole bunch of feculent,flatulent couch-sitting whineys burst into tears.
It is likely that any gun company that wants to retain its major customer base will have to stay out of California. There is a move however; to subdivide the state and abandon the coastal population centers to the hippies.
He has very even features. That woman that said he's not good looking probably is of the same ilk that harbors dark lust for Justine Bieber and used to workship Sean Cassidy before he grew up.
With a 'crat, it always comes down to "It depends on what the definiation of "is" is." There is a different standard of care operating here as the' crat definition of the truth is whatever comes flying out of their mouths at any given moment. A 'crat could probably flat-line a polygraph. 'Bammer himself might have been mildly surprised at the colapse of the medical insurance universe not having anticipated or much cared that it might happen. In any case, it's like that great Democrat Mao Tse Tung said, "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."
"...a society without a publicly enforced government.” Sounds great but I hope it works better than Wiki-fecundating-pedia. That deal is a perfect example of lunatics running the aslyum.
There you go. Interesting about number 5 though. The major "news" outlets - other than fox and internet swashbucklers, have been obama/the democrat's propaganda ministry. When the crats raided the associated press, it put quite a strain on the relationship. much noise is happening due to that. Things are making the network news that ordinarily would be suppressed. They've accurately reported the FBI annual crime report, told people about the IRS anti-conservative crusade. They will not abandon the 'crats as there is no place to go but they may well roll a figurative grenade into the obama regime just to show them who is really running the country. Of course the great unwashed voting public won't notice but the Obamunists who end up job hunting or in jail sure will.
Even the gaggle of non productive entitlement drones sitting on their mother's couch have been suspiciously quite for the last few days. Only one or two have cut loose with "Well, George W Bush.."isms.
No. It was a gift from a bunch of low and stupid voters.
they say practice then deny that they are buying the ammunition at all. I kind of wonder why they need a domestic military force of 170,000 employees to keep terrorism from erupting across the united states. The are told to BOLO, for Chrisitians, Constitutionalists and other non-democrat elements of the population.
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