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Civility: NRA Leaders and Members Getting Death Threats

mcumpston Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 4:54 PM
there is really no qualitative difference between them and any other firearm. the AR type are less powerful than many traditional hunting rounds and not so effective against barriers or at extended range. Even so, they are useful for shooting medium game at reasonable distances and are comfortable due to low recoil. It is a bad idea to let the post-constitution, post bill of rights social engineers ban anything because they really want to ban Everything. The pick out what they consider the most vulnerable target at a given time. Thirty years ago, it was "Saturday Night Specials": and they managed to get a ban on small handguns -regardless of caliber through one of the houses of the legislature.

Are you a member of the National Rifle Association? If so, you might want to keep your head down. Unhinged liberals are calling for NRA President David Keene and NRA members to be shot. More from Twitchy:

All decent Americans are heart-sick and outraged over the Newtown, Conn. school massacre. But some citizens have completely lost their heads and souls. On Twitter, there’s a growing proliferation of sickos calling for NRA president David Keene and anyone else who belongs to the gun-rights organization to be shot.