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Don't Blame Romney

mcosentino589 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 12:26 AM
I do believe miracles are possible. Ann has berated her own kind for their insane stances on abortion and womens' issues. And when Ann Coulter says, 'purist' as in Barry Goldwater or Sarah Palin, she is complaining that the 'extremists' are getting an upper hand, and ruining it for the moderates. Well, if the results of the Nov. 6 election did not show this to be absolutely true, what Cro-Magnon mentality has held the Republican party back far enough that it put an elitist patrician up for president who just didn't have what it takes to cut the mustard??? They are the party of the 'older, wealthy, white, males' and, as we all know, they are heading down the extinction trail.
Mr. Red Rum, in case you didn't notice, what happened a week ago(Nov.6) means the GOP has NOTHING to strike back with. They spent half a billion dollars for a totally unqualified candidate, and then only because they didn't have their heads screwed on tight enough to go look for 'presidential TIMBER." Romney is a spoiled elitist who didn't have the brains to realize the vast majority of people in the country do NOT identify with him - enough to NOT vote for him. Do we have to remind you again that Barack Obama was reelected because after 8 years of the Texas village missing its idiot, it fell to Obama to clean up a nightmare disaster, which will take the next four years to make right.
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