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Communism on Parade? High School Marches to Marx and Lenin

McMichael Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:42 AM
Read former communist revolutionary and son of communist parents, David Horowitz's writings to learn what is happening that you are not aware of. Horowitz knows where the Leftist political bodies are all buried.
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“What do you think of this?” So began a phone call from Todd Starnes of FoxNews radio. Starnes asked me for a comment on a shocking story: A band at a high school near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania performed a halftime show titled, “St. Petersburg 1917,” a musical commemoration of the Bolshevik Revolution, replete with hammers and sickles, military uniforms, and red flags.

“No way,” I responded. “Are you sure this wasn’t a joke, a parody?”

It wasn’t. And parents of the students aren’t...