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Waaaaaahaaaaahaaaa! Good one! Defensive. As if it has always been me responding to me all this time, defending myself, without a comment from the Sheeple. Haaa!!! I am cracking up at that one, oh Numbrzdude. Gotta go, genius. Time to watch the GOP Establishmentarians lose turf to the Communists. Always fun, Mr. NUMBERZBOZO, same as here!
No doubt, sweetheart. You were born to Alinsky. You have it in your veins. Your DNA, along with some Stalin, Fidel... comes easy to you. Amusing how any response or comment I might make is now labeled as "angry" More Alinsky. As Rush has said many times, when you Lefties make accusations, it is you who are the guilty party. You are jolly bag full of contradictions, misconceptions, inner conflicts, and weak tactics. Symptoms of the collective groupthink mentality. Next?
Power, Mr. Nummmmmmbersguy? Here? No one here has any manner of power. This is not about power, but it surely preys upon your own mind, I might suppose. You have quite the imagination... or is it fear?
Anger? That's a laugh. This is almost fun. Why is it, 840000000ZERO, that when you stooges use your Lefty Alinsky tactics on me, it is termed "slight"? Why is it that you geniuses have such a hate for the truth? Hate for opinions not shared by your zombie collective minds? Now, wiseguy, will you cry when I use your chosen tactics against you? Will you yourself get angry? Are you angry already, little one? Here's a lollipop to help make it better. What's your next attempt at making me laugh, may I ask?
Ya done good, Primus. You answered my call. I knew you self-appointed comment and thought police would show up. As I previously said, happens every time. I see you all's vocabulary still consists of one word: Troll.
Attention? You do it for me, smart guy.
Like I previously said, Primus, follow you around and provide links for you. How about YOU post something, genius? Can you? Are you capable of it? Please re-post my "implication" And re-read it whilst you are at it.
Wow! Do you know how to counterpunch or what? Nothing like a little Alinsky ridicule, then some commie censorship, followed by ejection. As I previously said, happens every time. Thanks for proving my point, genius.
So, JL5, you got your link. Now, would you like me to follow you all around 24/7 providing links for you so you don't have to wise up and make an attempt at NOT thinking/behaving like your masters expect? ... on your own???
No scandal is more important than the unleashed and uncontrolled tool for Obama, the NSA.
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