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An Imperial President

McMichael Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 9:55 PM
Well spoken, Neal. I would add that they, the "We the People" are now quite ignorant and uneducated as well as unconcerned as to what the real truth is.

One definition of "imperial" on is, "of the nature or rank of an emperor or supreme ruler."

At his news conference Monday, a petulant, threatening and confrontational President Obama spoke like an emperor or supreme ruler. All that was missing was a scepter, a crown and a robe trimmed in ermine.

This president exceeds even Bill Clinton in his ability to evade, prevaricate and dissemble. I didn't think that possible.

Not only did he supply long answers to relatively easy questions, but much of what he said bore no relation to reality.

He spoke of having had the debate over...