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Pssst, Ted. This is how the Founders/Framers set it up. It's supposed to be this way.
Does Kate understand federalism? Doesn't sound like it.
Marc Scribner is not a libertarian.
Taxation is inherently force; taxation is theft.
So your values and beliefs are increased debts, increased deficits, endless war, Keynesian economic policies, taxation, infringments on liberty, big government? Because that's what the GOP has been giving you for decades.
No. Libertarians favor free market solutions. If the free market desires a toll system, then that's what will occur.
Explained above. Nothing in her piece is what libertarians want. The system she is describing is not free market; it is a public-private partnership. She flat out says that these partnerships are not privatization. Privatization is the libertarian position. She is ignorant of libertarianism, free markets, and road privatization arguments. I suggest she read Walter Block's "Privatization of Roads and Highways." It's free to read.
The Supreme Court is just an appeals court for cases that arise under the Constitution; however, they do NOT have the power to rule on the Constitutionality of legislation. That is a power government seized in Marbury v. Madison. Nowhere in the Constitution did the States grant that power to the federal government. That would be the fox guarding the henhouse.
The Constitution is NOT the Supreme Law of the United States. If you're going to attempt to lecture someone on the Constitution, you should at least read it first. ONLY those laws made in pursuance of the Constitution are the law of the land. Read the Constitution.
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