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Rand Paul at CPAC: “This Government is Totally Out of Control”

mcgrahmnesty Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 2:46 AM
Rand Paul is not for easy-amnesty, He said to lower legal-entries from any country to offset any illegals from that same country, that are considered allowed to stay here and become citizens. He's talking within the context of current mainstream social politics now as any politician has to, to stay in the game. But after his popularity and consensus builds and as the Obamination is exposed foer the Fake Phoney Fraud that he really is Rand Paul will be able to be alot more pro-American-Conservative on the issue, as he and all Patriotic US-Fed-politicians should be. He will then also be able to continue doing this, defending the USC and the rights of the Amer-people, while still seeming to be fair enough to Cons-Dems-Lbrtrns-Cnstnlsts !

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul covered a lot of ground today in his CPAC speech. He discussed, among other things, the real reason why he filibustered the president’s nominee for Defense Secretary, the absurdity of giving Egypt $250 million in foreign aid (a country known for burning U.S. flags and for its citizens chanting “death to America!”), the president’s politically-calculated decision to discontinue oh-so-expensive White House tours for America’s school children (even though he has no problem whatsoever subsidizing wasteful and frivolous government pork projects), and the importance of preserving and protecting the Second and Fourth Amendments.

Needless to say, his...