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Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage

McGovern Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:19 PM
Gaia, So if I call someone gay because of the way they lisp, it's hate speech. If you insult someone claiming they can't do anything but Mexican field work, it's not hate speech. I've got it. You're a hateful racist.
Libertarian In The Fasco-Commie USA Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:22 PM
We all know who the pushers of Hate are...
McGovern Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:25 PM

Someone like you who is so hateful you will try to insult someone by insinuating they are suited for Mexican field labor.

Real nice, Gaia.
_,l,, Vaporise this, Thought Police ,,l,_ Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 1:26 PM
"We all know who the pushers of Hate are..."

So-called "Black Metal" bands? Don't they advertise their albums with stickers saying "NOW containing extra hate!" and so forth?

As a lawyer, I sometimes have to deliver news that clients don’t want to hear. Here’s some for conservatives. The gay marriage fight is over. It is here to stay, and conservatives – whether for it, against it or just tired of hearing about it – need to coolly and dispassionately figure out just how we are going to win going forward.

This is not a judgment about its pros and cons. We’re past that. None of it matters anymore. This is about dealing with reality. Whether the fight ends with a Constitution-twisting Supreme Court ruling or after years or...