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Will Obama Allow Americans to Practice Catholicism? No!

McGovern Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:08 AM
And yet another issue: You wrote, "Freedom of religion cannot allow the beliefs of individuals or groups to limit access to options available to everyone else" What? 1. No one is limiting access. Those employees are free to buy what they want. 2. According to your argument, every employee in the country has a case. My employer limits my access to options others have because my employer doesn't pay me enough for me to afford a new car every month.

"Catholicism teaches that it is a sin to use, provide, or otherwise support contraception."

These words are not from the Catholic Catechism or a sermon by a Catholic bishop. They are excerpted from the preliminary injunction U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland issued last month temporarily stopping the Obama administration from forcing a family-owned outdoor-power-equipment company to comply with an Obamacare regulation that requires virtually all health care plans to provide women (but not men) with co-pay-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

The judge stated the Catholic teaching on contraception as an undisputed fact of the...