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Top Senate Dems on Unilateral Debt Ceiling Hike: Go For It, Mr. President

McGovern Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 3:34 PM
I've come to a simple conclusion. No one can be as stupid as Repnextdoor appears. He has to be a Townhall employee trying to get the site hit count up so Townhall can charge more for the ads. As I said, no one can be that stupid. And believe me, I've known some stupid people. I work in a school.

There once was a time when Congressional Democrats screeched hysterically about the separation of powers.  There once was a time when liberals warned that an 'imperial presidency' would destroy the republic.  There once was a time when certain freshman Senators from Illinois voted against raising the debt ceiling as a pointed rebuke of our "reckless fiscal policies."  Those times, ladies and gentlemen, have passed:

In a move that will significantly ratchet up the brinksmanship around the debt ceiling, the four members of the Senate Democratic leadership are privately telling the White House that they will...