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Oil Exporter Abu Dhabi Funded Anti-Fracking Film, But Matt Damon Doesn't Want You To Know

McGovern Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 10:12 AM
We always have the same question after stories like this. Can you imagine the firestorm in the news and the pages of the newspapers if this had been a conservative group editing out questions by a liberal reporter? A conservative film financed by a foreign country that will earn that country billions? Yet there is no liberal outrage. And yeah, Damon knew nothing about it. Yeah.

Earlier this month, documentary filmmaker Philem McAleer asked questions to filmmakers Matt Damon and John Krasinski about their new anti-fracking film "Promised Land," regarding the funding the film got from Abu Dhabi. (Fracking is the extraction of natural gas from shale rock layers within the Earth, and can make the United States energy independent.) McAleer's question, and Damon's meek answer, were edited out of the podcast that was made available on iTunes.

As reported in The Hollywood Reporter, McAleer was part of an audience of approximately 400 who attended an event promoting the film at an Apple store in...