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Obama: More Peas for You!

McGovern Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 7:39 AM
What bothers me in this whole mess is that the Democrats have the upper hand in public relations. If we go over the fiscal cliff and the country is hit with a huge depression, it will be the Republicans fault. If we get a deal, it will be over the bodies of the obstructionist Republicans. If the deal is made but we still have a recession, it will be the fault of Republicans. How much money does the Republican Party have from the last election? Can't we start putting on some TV ads explaining our side? We surely will not have our side explained by the media.

It’s been a year and half since the GOP and Democrats hammered out an agreement that raised the debt ceiling and put us on the lip of a fiscal cliff, threatening mutually assured destruction if a budget deal wasn’t worked out before January 2013.

It made sense for all sides at the time. 

The GOP figured there was a good shot that Obama wasn’t going to be reelected. The Democrats figured there was a good chance shot Obama wasn’t going to be reelected. And Obama was content to do what he did best: run a campaign on TV, eat...