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Matt Damon Caught Red Handed With Anti-Fracking Hypocrisy

McGovern Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 1:22 PM
The problem is that someone has already paid for the film, which mean Damon will make his millions, regardless of whether the film turns a profit or not. The problem is that there are enough leftists and environmental wackos in this country to eventually stop fracking, and in doing so, turn the U.S. into a third world country.
Rick676 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 3:23 PM
True, they have already made their money, but a few bombs and they may find fewer roles available to them. And if they do get a mpvie, it will be for less and less money until no one will pay them to be in their films.

Actor Matt Damon has a new movie coming out on January 4 called "Promised Land." Damon made the film with a goal of exposing the so-called havoc fracking wreaks on local communities. The problem? Damon received his funding for the film from the United Arab Emirates, a country poised to make billion of dollars in oil money if fracking is banned in America. This is a fact Damon denies. 

Last week, pro-fracking filmmaker Phelim McAleer confronted Damon about the funding of Promised Land.