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GE’s Immelt: The Damndest Scoundrel and the Damndest Fool

McGovern Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 7:05 PM
ericynot, I believe by your past comments that you are probably a President Obama supporter. You wrote, "Unfortunately, those controls and limits tend to go out the door in times of war. Which is yet another reason not to allow our leaders to convince us to go to war in any but the most extreme situation." Saddam Hussein used poisonous gas to attack his own citizens. President Bush was roundly criticized for the Iraq war. Part of the justification for the war was Hussein's dictatorial treatment of his own citizens. Lately, we have heard both President Obama and SOS Hillary Clinton warn Syria that using poison gas is the line one cannot cross. What happens if they do? Do we fight?
Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 11:35 PM
IMO,when Comrade Hussein states some "line that cannot be crossed",it's an invitation for the other guy to deliberately cross the line,an "in your face" type of move,and the OGs figure that nothing will come of it anyways. Iran sure knows that. They sent Comrade Hussein a plastic model of the Sentinel stealthy drone they captured after Comrade politely asked for it to be returned. Hilarious.

“Jim Jett always used to say that his brother was the damndest scoundrel that was ever borne,” drawled Abraham Lincoln, “but by the infinite mercy of providence he was also the damndest fool.”

Jeffrey Immelt, the modern version of Jim Jett’s brother and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, should be fired.

Actually, if it’s possible, he should be fired twice: once because he’s a scoundrel and another time because he’s a fool.

As a fool and as a scoundrel, the guy has wonderful timing; timing that can only be attributed to the vast Left-Wing conspiracy that aims to convince...