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rmt5, You hit the nail on the head. What's more, single payer will happen without much fanfare. Already coverage by employers is being fazed out. Health insurance companies and the medical establishments are being squeezed. Gradually, over the next years, Obama's dream of a single-payer government healthcare system will take over. Then watch our civil liberties get hit. Healthy food? The government can mandate it since they are paying the health costs. Helmets, seat belts, gun regulations, sex education, etc., all will be on the agenda because the government is paying the health costs.
"By then, the transfer had become an issue in Uruguay's presidential election and officials there decided to postpone it until after the vote." So it wasn't exactly a popular thing for the president of Ecuador to do.
The only stain is that we didn't execute them as terrorists and prisoners of war.
Kodiak makes a good point. It doesn't matter how much Rolling Stone apologizes. It doesn't matter whose innocent lives are ruined. The next time some aggrieved Women's Studies major is feeling particularly depressed, she will write another similar lie, it will be picked up by liberal reporters, and we'll be off to the races again. This latest story isn't going to change anything.
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What Racially Biased Policing Looks Like

McGovern Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 7:13 PM
Chapman: "What the trooper didn't mention is that from a distance, because of his dark hair and complexion, my son might be taken for Hispanic. In any event, he let him leave -- again, with no citation." Baloney. So now you know what the troopers were thinking, even though you weren't there?
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FDA Finalizes Menu Labeling Rules

McGovern Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 7:30 PM
"The FDA considered more than 1,100 comments from stakeholders and consumers in developing these rules." I'll bet my comment wasn't considered.
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The Path to a Permanent GOP Majority

McGovern Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 5:50 PM
It was just two years ago that we heard about the death of the conservative movement in the U.S. Remember reading that the old white Republican people were going to die off, leaving a permanent Democrat majority in our country?
Here's a radical proposal! Let's admit students based on their achievement and qualifications! Seems I remember Martin Luther King proposing something like that over 40 years ago.
Thanks for the short list. There are quite a few others I could add, too.
According to Gruber: "they would have been 70% more likely to live in a single parent household, 40% more likely to live in poverty, 35% more likely to die during the first year of life, and 50% more likely to be in a household collecting welfare." So since Roe v. Wade, 1973, these statistics have gotten better?
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Beware of Our Betters

McGovern Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 9:58 AM
What's even scarier is that our public schools and universities are churning out students who believe the liberal line.
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