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Along I-80 in Nebraska, the state patrol sets up signs just before interchanges that say, "Prepare to Stop. Drug Check Ahead". The patrol sets up shop just off the interchanges. As the potheads come through headed east from Colorado, they see the signs and make radically quick exits from the interstate. The patrol stops them for not using their turn signals, gets permission to check the car, and makes huge drug arrests. It's hilarious.
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Roman Catholic Church operate the two largest parochial school systems in the U.S. They teach traditional Christian values, they teach respect for historical and Christian history, and they do it all without tax money. Common Core? Not in the parochial school system. Maybe it's time they got more support.
Libertarian issues aside, since Colorado's law contradicts federal law, the other states have a valid claim.
BREAKING: will_ethan continues to be ruled by something between his legs.
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Warren: "I Am Not Running For President"

McGovern Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 5:36 PM
As several others have stated, it would have been nice to have her run. There would have been some blood between Hilary's and Warren's supporters. Can you imagine Hilary's campaign team going against Warren's claims of Native American background? Remember, Hilary's campaign was the first to claim Obama's birth certificate was a fraud.
Watch the video. The atheists have a display on Daley Plaza. However, their display is a set of colored Christmas lights in the shape of an "A". Would that be banned by the University, since it uses colored lights normally used for Christmas decorations?
They're as high as they are for the same reason he won reelection in 2012 ... people don't care about anything except how he looks and how they feel.
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Rolling Stone Crumbles

McGovern Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 8:42 AM
But then, you are half-way intelligent. Don't ascribe your intelligence to Rolling Stone reporters and editors.
The government's own report on the effectiveness of the Head Start early childhood education program. I'm an elementary school principal. My school includes three-year-old, four-year-old, and pre-Kindergarten classes. By the time students reach our 3rd or 4th grade, there is no difference in academic ability or social skills of those who attended preschool and those who did not.
Exactly. If anyone believes this will change his thinking, or the thinking of anyone like him, he is mistaken.
Just watched some of the videos. In spite of him saying that he was wrong, made glib remarks, didn't know what he was saying .... just watch him. You can see he means none of it. He believes he IS smarter than the stupid Americans, he believes he's smarter than Goudy, he is taking hits that should be directed at Obama, and he will be hailed for it when he returns to his fellow mental equals in Boston.
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