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DWS says she stands corrected for not knowing. At the end of the clip, why does the interviewer tell her "It's not your fault." It's not her fault for not knowing, or it's not her fault for being so uneducated?
Governor Dave Heineman of Nebraska is under fire daily by the media. He is being called a racist and a hypocritical Christian. His sin? He wanted to know why he, or no one else in the state government, was notified or informed that hundreds of the illegals were being sent to Nebraska. In this case, he was in the same situation as President Obama -- he found out watching the news. In effect, he was told it was none of his business.
This idea that the $4 billion is needed for emergency help for the children is silly. "President Obama has requested nearly $4 billion to throw at the problem," Looking carefully at the request, we see that only $4 million will be spent this year. Some emergency.
They were forced into this. They have to cover for the fact that last week, one email surfaced that was on the supposedly destroyed hard drive.
absinth48, You wrote, "The USS Vincennes took down an Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf in 1988 (?)." Let's remember the reaction: The U.S. immediately took responsibility. The U.S. paid millions to the families of the victims. The U.S. president immediately reached out to the world saying that steps would be taken to make sure nothing like this happened again. The navy allowed the media to interview the sailors who fired the missile. What has Russia done? Denied. Floated out rumors. Covered and denied. Do you know the latest from the Russian government? They are claiming the U.S. loaded the plane with dead bodies and blew it up over the Russian separatists' territory.
Ron Paul: "By contrast, Russia has killed no one in Ukraine, and the separatists have struck largely military, not civilian, targets." So on the one hand, because we supported one side, we are guilty of the deaths of hundreds. But the Russians, who support the other side, are not guilty of the deaths of hundreds. Sounds like a middle school kid's argument.
I was not trying to slam anyone. I feel that at this point in our history, we conservatives have to band together and get the present administration out of power. That begins with Reid. And there is no way to do that unless some establishment Republicans get elected. Look at Minnesota. A liberal Republican is running against Franken. Do you really feel it would be better to have Franken? Especially in Minnesota, where a conservative Republican could not win a state election?
Robert97, You wrote, "I don't know. It seems to me it is okay for the federal government to insist of the labor practices when it hires contractors. Those groups whose religion prohibits hiring gays don't need to bid for federal contracts." That's not the real issue. The issue is that this can now be used against Christian colleges which admit students using federal loans. This can now be used against parochial grade schools which serve lunch under the National School Lunch Program. The effects of this one little executive order will be far reaching once it hits the courts.
Circumvent the law? What law? You mean the executive order from President Obama? That's what's being protested.
Let's call a truce. What is our (conservative's) number one goal? In the short term, it's to get rid of Harry Reid in the leadership role. In order to do that, we must elect Republicans - any Republicans. Yes, there are some Republicans who are not the conservatives we want. Yes, we want our country to take back its conservative heritage. Yes, there have been problems caused by the establishment GOP. None of that changes our goal. There is only one way to succeed: we must all unite behind the Republican candidate in each race. He may not be our conservative favorite, but without him, there is no way Dingy Harry will be sent packing.
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