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Sum_Guy What about what the mayor said that he taught his kid about the police ?
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Cultural Winner and Losers, 2014

McGovern Wrote: Dec 26, 2014 11:06 AM
I hope the record number of unemployed and underemployed also a merry Christmas. By the way, the stock market boomed for seven straight years right before the last crash.
You say opinion versus truth. What in Bozell's column is opinion. Did the events he reported happen or not?
Another hateful post from the hater Taft. It's Christmas Eve, Taft. Time to breathe deeply and let your hate fade away.
Bill136, You wrote, "That's just cover that some use to impose their morals on.others. Nobody in NE or CO is DIRECTLY affected by this law." Last week, several guys in a car carrying marijuana east through Nebraska were speeding. When the police tried to stop them, they took off. They sped through our small Nebraska town at over 100 mph. Directly affected by this law? Would you say that if you had some potheads speeding through your neighborhood to evade police?
Sarcastic? Totalitarian? I'm making fun of a bunch of idiot potheads who can't even drive straight. ADA lawsuits? Which universe are you from?
Along I-80 in Nebraska, the state patrol sets up signs just before interchanges that say, "Prepare to Stop. Drug Check Ahead". The patrol sets up shop just off the interchanges. As the potheads come through headed east from Colorado, they see the signs and make radically quick exits from the interstate. The patrol stops them for not using their turn signals, gets permission to check the car, and makes huge drug arrests. It's hilarious.
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Roman Catholic Church operate the two largest parochial school systems in the U.S. They teach traditional Christian values, they teach respect for historical and Christian history, and they do it all without tax money. Common Core? Not in the parochial school system. Maybe it's time they got more support.
Libertarian issues aside, since Colorado's law contradicts federal law, the other states have a valid claim.
BREAKING: will_ethan continues to be ruled by something between his legs.
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