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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

McFerguson Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 3:24 PM
So de Blasio's concerned because the cops turned their back to him? He's lucky they didn't spit on him! This guy's the typical liberal who's constantly trying to tear the governing institutions apart so they can be rebuilt to Marxian or communistic or socialistic specifications. The democrat voters of New York deserve what they got in this clown!
Obama still doesn't get it. He's on TV rambling away - boring as ever - and trying to convince the press that he's on top of the job and the disaster that occurred yesterday had nothing to do with him or his policies. "I was out playin' golf all day yesterday and saw in the news that the democrats had some problems with their elections," he wants us to believe. "Had nothin' to do with me, so I'm going to keep on keepin' on with what I think is best for America." Next question...
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A Clinton vs. Bush Race? Again?

McFerguson Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 9:47 AM
I'm not sure the nation can withstand still another Bush Administration. Nothing against Jeb personally, but his father had a rather benign, uneventful four years where he scuttled everything having to do with Ronald Reagan conservatism which brought us William Jefferson Clinton, the White House Hippie. Eight years later George W., Bush 43, now calling himself a "compassionate" conservative, is elected and spends the next 8 years spending us into a $10 trillion obscenity called the national debt and ended up delivering us Barack Hussein Obama, the first Marxist ever elected to the White House. How's that working out for us and what would a third Bush administration bring us? I don't want to know, so, I'll pass on Jeb. I want a solid conservative in the White House, somebody who'll apply sound economic principles in dealing with our horrendous debt and one who has enough respect for the Constitution be bound by it.
That's an easy one - She was trying to track Biily-boy down, missing on another one of his booty calls.
Oh, liberals understand the Constitution alright, they just don't like it They don't appreciate it, because it infringes on their self-proclaimed power to grow the government, to take wealth from the produces and distribute it to the non-producers, those who for what ever reason cannot or will not provide for themselves. Our Marxist-in-Chief, for example, cavalierly dismisses the Constitution as a document that says too much about what the government can't do TO you, but not enough about what the government must do FOR you. Apparently, this is the operative theme among our progressive brothers and sisters who are intent upon turning us into a whimpering nanny state.
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5 Lives Wrecked By Obamacare

McFerguson Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 12:14 PM
To answer your question, John, "No," the secular-progressives have no shame about all the good people they hurt with their lies. The "agenda" trumps everything. If people get tossed under the bus, well, tough, "you just have to take a hit for the team." Team? Yeah, Obama's group of sycophants who fell in line with the "fundamental transformation of America" nonsense. The first thing neo-fascists do is go for the heart of the nation - it's health care system. "If we control it, then we control the people" is the meme. In other words, as Chuck Colson once said, "when we got'em by the balls, their hearts and minds are sure to follow."
I quit watching this pompous phony about 2 months ago. What ticked me off was that on a Sunday "Meet the Press," Gregory directly ask Rand Paul about something Paul's' wife had mentioned regarding the Clinton/Lewinsky fiasco back in the 90's. Paul answered the question discretely and moved on. The next day I see Gregory talking to his fellow journalist on one of NBC's dippy shows telling them that Paul appeared to be bringing up the Clinton/Lewinsky affair as a political attack against Hillary if she ran in 2016. It was cheap and it told me a lot about Gregory. I quit watching the show and don't intend to return until another host is running the gig.
This Special Election that Dave Jolly won was not a shot across the bow of the dopey Dems, it was a shot right between the eyes. The dems are going to lose the Senate. Even goofball Chris Matthew, whose St, Vitus dance syndrome has not ameliorated with the decline of the Bamster, admits it. If that becomes a reality in November, which is a strong likelihood, and the GOP continues it's hold on the House, which is a virtual certainty, that means Obama's ideological stranglehold on this nation will have come to an end. He won't only be a "lame duck," he'll become a dead one politically. Good. Lock'n load!
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

McFerguson Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 11:41 AM
Thomas Sowell is a national treasure. He has this incredible ability to distill all the lies and politically correct nonsense of the left into the palpable truth. And in doing so he reveals Obama to be pathetically ill-prepared and ill-equipped, a Community Organizer not quite ready for prime time and who now occupies the White House.
Yes, Dr. Obama considers himself a Master of all thinks knowable, and the art of medicine is as simple to him as is fixing a damaged economy. The results are there for the unwashed masses to see.
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