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Veterans Aren't Superheroes

McD2004 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 11:16 AM
Humans can be "illegal" by doing illegal things. May I point out that illegal isn't an adjective pointing to the person, it's an adjective point to that foreign/alien person's illegal actions. Good try though. Maybe we could use the term "Illegally Present Foreigner" to help all you overly-PC bleeding hearts to feel better about these types of law-breakers.

It’s tempting to think of warriors as different from the rest of us—they somehow feel less pain and fear than ordinary people. Only when we recognize that fighting men and women have the same fears and desires we all do can we recognize the real nature of their courage and sacrifice.

A smart friend said that or something pretty close. It has affected the way I think about bravery.

Not having served, I’m grateful to those who did, and those who are. I’m also grateful to their families and loved ones. The burden...