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The Malicious Mangling of the Virgin Mary

McD2004 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 12:56 PM
On the one hand->Turn the other cheek, agree with thine adversary while thou art in the way, and all those other types of Christian tenets. On the other hand->Christ overturned the tables of the money changers who defiled his Father's house with their lucre. The question becomes, "Is my silence denying the Christ?" In our society, silence implies consent. I think if we just make sure that people know where we stand when the issue arises, then we are alright with Christ. His is the only opinion that matters. We don't have to be combative. We do have to strengthen our testimonies on a daily basis.
A Christian can be crushed gazing at the picture of Mary standing at the foot of the cross, watching her beloved son suffocate and die. But in that vision, she stands there for hours, patiently enduring her suffering. For two millennia, she has been a role model for Christians, a woman who practiced obedience in the most difficult of human circumstances, with fervent hope for what this sacrifice will offer all mankind as it struggles with sin.

This is why it seems so hard to reflect that vision of patience when black-hearted "artists" practice character assassination on the Blessed Virgin...