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Whyt would the liberals want to do anything? Massive tax hikes and gutting the military is EXACTLY what they want - and as long as they don't do anything they can blame the evil Republicans for letting it happen!
bucknaked needs to climb in bed with MontyHall and they can pillow talk to each other instead of forcing their inaccurate dribble on the rest of us. What a couple of head-in-the-ground losers.
Little Debbie has been better for years anyway - won't miss Twinkies at all. I suggest to everyone to give them a try. Plus they're non-union in a right-to-work state so they should be around for years to come.
So what have you been smoking? We need some of it to get through the current president's irresponsible policies.
No, the biggest supporters of slavery were DEMOCRATS. Lincoln was REPUBLICAN.
Thankfully I like Little Debbie better anyway - and they're non-union in a right to work state so hopefully they'll be in business for a long, long time.
And several of those women have come out and stated that working for Obama was a "hostile working environment" for women - and at least one male on that staff has confirmed it.
LOL! So you actually think if you reelect Obama he's going to do something different? BTW, don't blamd Bush - blame the DEMOCRATIC House & Senate that started it under Bush and went wild under Obama. Why do you think so many Reps lost their jobs in 2010? You really should go and see 2016 and see what Obama has planned for this country - educate yourself.
The sad and scary thing is - if Obama gets reelected we can only expect more of the same as he refuses to protect our Embassies and declares "bin Laden is dead" over and over again.
I didn't have the heart since they were all thowing up their arms and wailing that they just couldn't watch any more of it. I really wanted to though and ask them to watch and learn what their idol really is. Clint Eastwood really had it right with that empty chair.
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