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Putting Faith Under House Arrest

mccgsm Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 3:20 PM
Nonsense; religious freedom does not protect "purposeful bigotry;" it protects the free exercise of faith and conscience. The standards set forth in the Focus proposal very closely track the thinking of Madison and Jefferson. What startles me a bit is that so many "liberals" are so ready to use the force of law to regulate private conscience--so folks who argue the loudest for absolute personal autonomy are simultaneously invoking police state powers to suppress others' personal autonomy. Rather inconsistent, I think.....

For decades, atheist groups have strategically involved themselves in questions of religious freedom, and they have done so chiefly by fighting to have all Christian symbols and texts removed from public view. But in recent years, as this fight has continued, it’s become evident that it’s not just symbols and texts they want removed from public view, rather, it’s Christians themselves.

In truth, it now seems that their end game is to put Christians into such a small corner that the only place left for open faith is behind the closed doors of your home.

This is explicitly seen in what...