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A Weak Foreign Policy Narrative

McBender Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 11:16 PM
The problem for or lot of the hacks here is that Obama is not Carter. Romney is not Reagan. And this is not 1980. The leftist piece movement doesn't run the Democrat Party. But while the Democrat Party is not dominated by the McGovernites, it does contain leftists who use our military for social engineering projects and democracy promotion. Unfortunately, the Republican Party, particularly under Bush, incorporated the same group. So the Republican Party came to use our military in a leftist manner as well, and it does not currently provide a contrast to the Democrats. The problem in Afghanistan is that Obama uses our troops to prop up Karzai and continue this nation building fiasco. What is the Republican response? Bravo!
On Aug. 31, 1983, a South Korean airliner flying from New York to Seoul drifted off course and entered Soviet airspace. After tracking the civilian plane for more than two hours, Soviet fighter pilots were told to shoot it down. They did, killing 269 people, including 60 Americans. It was one of the most shocking atrocities of the Cold War.

It occurred during the first term of perhaps the most staunchly anti-Communist president America has ever had, Ronald Reagan, an advocate of robust military power. And how did Reagan respond? He called it a "crime against humanity," and then, um, postponed...