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With the Fracking going on under a mile of rock (In the Bakken) there is little damage done by fracking. The Land is so saline you usually cannot drink the water locally, but need it piped in form the Yellowstone or Little Missouri river. Drilling causes disruption while the drilling is going on, but the long term problems are indeed few if any. I guess it does not play well that the problems are current(boom town problems), but not long term.
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Bad Inventions

mcarlson96 Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 8:44 PM
These are innovations, not inventions. they are combinations of older technologies.
Most of the agriculture department's budget is food stamps. That being said farm subsidies are a defence measure to ensure the USA will NEVER run short of food. That being said some reduction in farm subsidies is appropriate. Subsidize wheat and cotton. We will have bread and clothes and the rest is not really necessary. Secondly replace food stamps with the glop send to countries for famine relief. It keeps a person alive and indeed healthy, but nobody wants to stay on it any longer than they have to.
As a Libertarian I believe that marriage is between the partners, not the state. The State interest in Marriage is the support of children produced in sexual union. There is no compelling state interest in Gay marriage. Further with genetic testing, there is no state interest in marriage at all. Test the children and publish the identities of their parents (except in legal adoption). If the state forces Christians, Jews and Islamist to accept as marriage something they consider an abomination. These groups should join and vote to remove marriage from a state the abhors faith, and return it to the faith based institutions where it belongs.
Let the "fiscal cliff" come. Allow taxes to increase and further refuse to increase the debt limit. The federal government will be forced to only spend what it brings in. The problem is coming so bring it on while we have some strength left.
I am for republic not democracy. In republic each person has rights and responsibilities The government must protect life liberty and property as the basis for any republic . The Government has a few limited powers and individuals make their own decisions. Crony capitalism is Fascism where the bureaucracy runs things and the executive for life gives gifts to one's friends. Democracy is where the people appoint the executive and the bureaucracy runs the government. The difference between Fascism and Democracy is who appoints the executive. Under both democracy and fascism the bureaucracy wields the ultimate power life liberty and property, So democracy has the same structure as fascism, and a simple coup can change everything.
The Republican convention in North Dakota had the party leadership railroad its candidates by parliamentary manoeuvring subverting the delegates to the convention; as a result without the work of the grass roots the Republicans lost what should have been an easy senate race. The party apparatus is continually working against the conservative and (in my case) libertarian base. It is the party leadership that must go.
As I finish my patent process I an looking to produce my particular process in Manitoba rather than North Dakota. Since I will take minimal salary during the development phase I will fall under the exclusion of Taxes an personal income and only pay Canadian taxes. The corporate taxes in Manitoba are less then half of the corresponding corporate taxes in North Dakota. In the growth phase of development it only makes sense for me (near the border anyway) to start my business where I can grow most quickly. My market in the USA will b form USA manufacturing, but the headquarters will be in Manitoba where I can repatriate profits without tax and tkae advantage both of NAFTA and British Commonwealth status.
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On the Road to Death Panels

mcarlson96 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 10:48 AM
Every civilization that has started universal pensions has fallen with 100 years. We must realize that the Universal pension is unworkable, as people do not have enough children to care for themselves.
The thing we need to realize is hat schools are too large. If there is a large school district you need a union to represent the teachers. If there were hundreds (perhaps thousands) of school districts in Chicago, then each school could be run by parental participation, not get lost in the Bureaucracy. If the many small districts competed for teachers with wages and benefits, then there would be no need for a union as each person becomes a contractor to a small unit. It is time to bust the large school districts up. Let each school vote and let each parents control ones own child's education. If people can vote with their feet individuals get the best, or worst depending on each person's own preferences.
Leave Chicago, drive, walk, whatever. It is time for the people producing real goods to vote with their feed and abandon Chicago.
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