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Mega-SuperStorm Sandy Endorses Obama, Cites War on Women

mburch Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 7:26 AM
geez,akagi021....maybe you should see a dr about being so know the old saying...'if you can't take the heat...get out of the kitchen'..the thing is people who have 'served' as you say,they have been shot at,have been shot, or even mortally wounded 'serving" as you say...don't be offended if those folks who have been in 'harms way' are offended by your postings.This is America still...home of the brave,we know all folks are proud to call this place 'home'...I am proud of our VETS...AND THANK THEM FOR THEIR SACRIFICE ...

Alternately referring to Hurricane Sandy as either a “superstorm” or a “megastorm” our friends at the Liberal Press Office have helped put Sandy in perspective by letting us know that this year’s meteorological winner of American Idol was spawned by global warming, intensified by rising ocean temperatures and sponsored by Big Oil.

Citing no actual scientific evidence- why use science when you believe SO strongly?- it’s apparent that the headlines used by the mainstream media to cover the post-Sandy ascendancy virtually wrote themselves well prior to Sandy’s gestation.

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