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Mr. Ransom....great article..I have been saying for several years that obama is stupid..I have read some of his papers from Harvard..he is stupid...People give him way to much credit for intelligence,and the ability for planning far head..this fool of a president lives day to day..he spends to much time planning his next golf outing,who he might play basketball with,where to spend his next vacation at,which show he or his idiot wife want to be on.and finally which fund raiser will be the most fun....
Auctioning of the ivory hmmmm then when that effort is successful..the poachers will just have to fill the orders for more ivory...How about the chinese being held about the blame gets put on them..are they still killing whales ??Are they still butchering sharks for just their fins..shark fin soup mmmmm mmmm good...Lets see...chinese..killing whales...sharks...and elephants in a roundabout way ..and ..nobody wants to hold them is easier to hold starving..tribal people..with yearly incomes about what we make in a week.responsible...If you remove the market ..
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Hollywood's Favorite Sleazeball Shutterbug

mburch Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 7:25 AM
AHHHH...Roman Polanski..right up there with Jane Fonda....perfect examples of hollywood....polanski should be in prison...fonda should be shot
Funny ..just a few weeks ago the republicans suggested just what obama wants to do now..Obama and his fools refused to agree with that proposal and shut down the government,..Now they want to do what the republicans had wanted before the democrats shut down..Stupid obama and his fools
That is absolutely correct..By not reporting FACTS AS THEY ARE...AND THE FACT THAT THESE THUGS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS BLACK IS JUST EMPOWERING THESE PUNKS..Katie your not sugar coat because you are afraid to offend black thugs ,or their parents...political correctness has caused nothing but problems in this country
That is not an assumption'Not all single parents are bad..but the fact of the mater is ,this is a black thing to do..See white girl bleed a lot....There is a definite problem with parents who are just to busy with their lives to be bothered with raising their children...Look no further than the travon martin disaster..To bad his parents ..who were divorced from each other..did not have the time to raise their son...In my own life wife and I have raise her grandson..because her daughter was too busy chasing after men.out of state..We also are raising her grandaughter because her mother and father are train wrecks.Neither one is capable of raising is in jail the other has decided that she likes women instead of men..andn then she switches back to men.....My wife is black..I am an old white guy...Too bad children can not pick their parents..No, there is a definite problem in the black community with the break up of the family unit..Children need both of their parents in their lives...and both parents should set the example by being the example....
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Should the GOP Bail Out Obamacare?

mburch Wrote: Nov 14, 2013 8:24 AM
There should NO fix it bill...The democrats voted for this,,they own it lock,stock,and barrel.There was not a single republican vote for obamacare..let the records show... isn't that what the idiot in N.Y. said..rangle..NO FIX FOR THIS TAX AND ANY REPUBLICAN WHO VOTES TO FIX IT..NEEDS TO BE RECALLED
The only place this disgusting person should be is in prison...for her involvement in benghazi...Just like obama...she has not succeeded in anything ..nothing at all...except to be an embarrassment to our kerry..or obama
If we do not win and win big next year ,,we are in deep trouble..The RNC had better run some excellent candidates...they need to listen to the people who respond to this thread...Foe there have been excellent ideas about different candidates being discussed here and on other sites ...
This really an insulting,disgusting ad.It seems to indicate just how far into the gutter,or cess pool, the democrats have sunk..But then I remember they booed GOD at their DNC convention..
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Getting Real Why Cuccinelli Was Defeated

mburch Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 8:04 AM
The republican party is stuck on stupid....My wife uses that term all the time..she says it is 'OK' to do something stupid...once..just don't be stuck on wife is a beautiful black women who raised her two children by herself..she had a husband who got into crack...she gave him three chances to clean up..after the third time she left him..My wife raised her two kids without government help because she saw that as government intrusion into her life,,,,,ANYWAYS she says the republicans (the RNC) IS STUCK ON STUPID...I agree with her.
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