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bB, my 1st out loud laugh of the day, that's just great.
i enjoyed the article until the 4th paragraph from the end when she wrote "democratic party instead of democrat party", she should know better.
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The Marijuana Rebellion

mbrandenburg Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 10:47 AM
from my studies hemp makes a better cloth than cotton (and you don't need any chemical insecticides), makes a better pulp for paper (and it grows in one year compared to trees), our navy grew thousands of acres of the male plant for the best ropes & sails in the world. Legalization would take the profit margin out of it, no cartels, gangs, lawyers making millions representing casual users, etc. Just as with alcohol you will have some who abuse it but millions use it every day. Thousands die from alcohol every year but the only deaths i read about from pot is lead poisoning, if you get my drift.
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