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I guess the DOJ and Prs Obama Called the judge . most likely got the dirt on him from the NSA
Michael Tanner the one wrong about immigration is you , you have not seen the line at western union sending money to Mexico or how many stay in one house and collect for 2or 3 or 4 ,and HUD just don't keep track of how many different people are collecting rent for the same house , and how much Gov help ,medical, food , cash they get and work off the books don't pay taxes and still collect Gov hand outs .they in fact drain it because they are only adding to the economy what they are getting form the tax payer .and that adds nothing but does in fact burden it .and most are in fact unskilled I don't know if you are just making stuff up or just believing some BS some one told you . and a good amount are criminals Mexico let go if they came to the US because they didn't feel like taking care of them anymore or just didn't have the room .the Mexican Gov is as much at fault as this Admin. they both are facilitating in sending people to the US from other Countries . your story make it clear you have no clue as to what is really happening or being done ...get one be a real Journalist .
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No Denying Climate Change Deniers

mbowen300 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 12:42 PM
Who needs facts when you have money making Hysteria ? And Gov. control of the press to control the people
Mr. Cochran's tactic and conduct were DISPICABLE !!! he used the democratic race baiting ,race card, and faults narrative that people don't like the Prs. because he is African -American . total BS ,this was outrageous . and most likely caused wide spread voter fraud .By Mississippi LAW 1. If you voted in the Democratic Primary you are NOT eligible to vote in the Republican Primary(claiming ignorance is BS)its voter fraud . 2. if you are a Democrat and you voted for a Republican in the Republican Primary you must also support that Republican in the General election . if not that is Voter fraud . I would say Cochran should be ashamed but I doubt he has any .
How patronizing ,and dismissive can she be as well as out right stupid . Who do you think the Army is going to talk to, to get the story about what Bergdahl did ? HIS PLT MATES you MORON !!! and there has been an investigation already when it happened . but now because this Admin has bungled things so bad they send a lying spin master like you to act like you have some BS righteous morality to stand on ,and appoint a Maj. General to investigate .being told what out come they want from it . never ever in my 30+ years of Military service have I ever seen this .a LT .Capt. and on very very rare occasions a Maj. I have never seen it but I have heard about it .a Maj. doing the investigation that is. and this Pandering mouth piece can claim al this security BS experience she thinks she has but I have to ask what was YOUR Military service ? what is your deployment record, what Combat do you have , I know you read books about it but what is your REAL experience ?
they should not be called the IRS they should call them the DDD Deny ,Deceive, Delete ? I Crack me up
So what that means is 31% just flat out refuse to admit to his incompetence ,will not admit he is wrong for one reason and one reason only and it has nothing to do with his policies ,or they are just out right STUPID !!!
NOT I = it keys are sticking. P.S. She lies as Good as Prs. Obama
She is saying that cause she knows voters want the truth , she dos not ,so ether the fix is in , or she is working through back doors to cover her tracks and hide the witnesses and the evidence .she wishes I would all just go away
I use a .45 because I don't like having to say no twice
Wait . am I missing something ? I was always told the LAW said you have to be a CITIZEN ,and a LEAGL Resident of the area and state you intend to VOTE !! did that change ? and wouldn't this be illegal ?
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