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Charles - I'm sure Dinesh D'Sousa's taxes were in "order" as well ….
Easiest "out" for those who wish not to participate in the Leftist Fascism: simply claim you are of a more protected class than the Gay Mafia -- a Muslim. Indicate that you'd also be willing to whip up a little jihad on the Infidels-in-question if they were to pursue legal matters for their offense toward Allah ….
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SNL Spoofs Al Sharpton on Obamacare

mberry567 Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 12:10 PM
"Does anyone know where I can get one of those tracksuits?" Freddies Fashion Mart … oh, wait.
Um, "throw" ... not "through" :P
"...we're committed to fixing our broken immigration system in a bipartisan manner." In other words, once again the Dems through gasoline on the Republicans and the Republicans timidly request where the Dems throw the match.
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