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Charles - I'm sure Dinesh D'Sousa's taxes were in "order" as well ….
Easiest "out" for those who wish not to participate in the Leftist Fascism: simply claim you are of a more protected class than the Gay Mafia -- a Muslim. Indicate that you'd also be willing to whip up a little jihad on the Infidels-in-question if they were to pursue legal matters for their offense toward Allah ….
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SNL Spoofs Al Sharpton on Obamacare

mberry567 Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 12:10 PM
"Does anyone know where I can get one of those tracksuits?" Freddies Fashion Mart … oh, wait.
Um, "throw" ... not "through" :P
"...we're committed to fixing our broken immigration system in a bipartisan manner." In other words, once again the Dems through gasoline on the Republicans and the Republicans timidly request where the Dems throw the match.
When Ditka was coach of the New Orleans Saints, he traded all of his draft picks to move up and select Ricky Williams .... He later appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing a tux, Williams in a wedding gown. The inference drawn was that Ditka was wedded to the idea of Williams being all that the Saints needed to be successful.
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