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Had that principal been allowed to be ARMED, instead of charging at the killer with her FISTS, SHE would still be alive as would the 20 children and other teachers. Plain and simple. Criminals, people that want to commit crimes will HAVE guns. It's the UNARMED Americans that will still die. Liberals do not have enough brains to figure this out.
I want to ask these idiots signing the petition, do they know how many BABIES were shredded piece by piece and sucked out into the garbage in the same time period as the 20 innocent 6 and 7 years old were murdered? A lot more than 20. But that's A-OK. Let's not stop murdering innocents that have never even had a chance to draw the first breath of life. And yes, that hypocrite sitting in the White House signed these murders into law. He even approved partial birth abortions when the mother is 6 - 7 months pregnant. Those, they deliver partially and stick a scalpel or a pair of scissors into their little heads into their brains. Oh yes, that perfectly alright to murder MILLIONS of children that way.
No, marijuana was used to wipe out the brains of the idiots that smoked it. I guess that explains your lack of brain power.
There are thousands of laws on the book right now stupid that BAN criminals from having guns. Do they still have them? Ever watch 48 Hours and other reality shows like that? I think they will show you (if you have your eyes open and the intelligence to absorb the truth) that YES...CRIMINALS, people that want to commit crimes DO have guns whether there is a BAN or not. You liberals are absolutely sickening. I would love to see your unprotected face when one of these criminals/crazy people confront YOU with one of your BANNED guns. Is that still a smile on your face that you succeeded in helping erase the 2nd Amendment? I doubt it.
Let's not forget Hillary's "fall" causing a concussion the week before she was to testify on the Benghazi murders. Now this "fall", it seems nobody but her lying cohorts witnessed it, and she was not taken to the hospital. Just how did any doctor coming to her house diagnose that it was a concussion without performing an MRI or even an X-ray?? Ahhh...he's a miracle doctor! But do the Republicans call her on this? NO. They are just as sorry as the Democrats when it comes to standing up for what is right in America. Washington is filled with greedy, lying, evil slime. Look at the gun-running with Holder/Obama. Has anything been done about that to bring justice? No. Nor has anything been done about the fraudulent election.
It is a known fact (by everyone except Obama/Holder/looney liberals) that criminals/people that want to rob and murder WILL get/have guns. Watch shows like 48 Hours, etc.. When they track down the killers and pull their record, yes...they have been forbidden to have/carry a weapon due to previous offenses. Do they now have at least ONE gun? You bet your life they do. The liberal idiots will never get every single gun off the streets and out of America, and all they will succeed in doing is prevent the innocent, law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.
I do not watch any of the MSM for news. Only a few programs do I watch on them. I want their ratings to sink to the bottom of their slimy pit and just maybe they will be removed then. They are NOT a good news media. Had the principal been armed with a gun instead of just her fists when she lunged at that shooter, just maybe all those lives would have been saved. But this is what the liberals/Obama want. They want all the innocent, law abiding citizens to be unarmed so the Union thugs, liberal thugs, illegals, crazy people roaming our streets can kill them and rid America of decent people. They only want people of their like kind...liars, thieves, murderers, sex offenders to be on the street.
Actually the Republican House is looking to stuff their pockets with as much ill gotten gain as they can. They keep hoping Americans will stay stupid and keep them in office. Boehner needs to cry some more. Maybe then he would drown in his tears and be eliminated. He is a disgrace and why they are keeping him as Speaker is beyond me. No, they're all crooks so what difference does it make that their Speaker is the leader of the crooks.
Still drinking that good old kool-aid huh? Your brain was already mush. Will you ever learn? I doubt it. Liberals do not have the brain power to make decisions for themselves. They need a dictator like Obama to make their decisions for them. The bailouts from 2009 have largely been returned?? And just where did you get this lie...errr...information from? GM moved the blamed company to CHINA and has not paid back one red penny. All the solar companies spent the money on new cars/houses and let the companies go belly up. Just WHEN was ANY money paid back? The Egyptians held a general election? Oh brother. No, the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD with the support of their fellow MUSLIM Obama held an election. Any opposition was murdered.
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