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Well, this reminds me why I don't watch Conan, Letterman or Leno.
They did it to inflame what was already going on, and as a diversion to cover their sloppiness in protecting our citizens in foreign countries. Those Muslim idiots over there did not even know about the video until the liberals told them! I had never heard of it and I live right here in America!! It had not been publicized. And if those idiots over there were able to sit through and watch the whole stupid thing, they deserve being made fun of. I could only watch about 10 minutes of it. It was so stupid. It made me think it was made to be a comedy.
Sorry Hillary. Very noble of you (unless Obama padded your bank account with a few million dollars to get you to say this), but Obama is the PRESIDENT. The PRESIDENT is supposed to know what is going on IN and concerning our country. Had he not been out grinning, lying, campaigning...he just MIGHT have known what was going on. If he was the man the President is SUPPOSED to be, HE would have carried this burden on HIS shoulders, not sluff it off on somebody elses. But then when has he taken the blame for anything in the past four years? He has blamed anyone and everyone for HIS failures. How intelligent people can still support this man is beyond me. Oh, maybe I just uncovered it. They AREN'T intelligent!!
I live in Asheville, NC. In all of the past campaign months, I have seen exactly ONE Romney/Ryan commercial. Obama's are on EVERY 15 blamed minutes. I also switch channels for 1 minute every 15 minutes. I WILL NOT listen to his lies.
Don't forget, by the CEO's own words in China, GM now makes 70% of their automobiles IN CHINA!!! Where are the American saved jobs in that move on the taxpayers back? Why isn't this brought to the light in the debates and him claiming to have saved GM? Yes, he saved it for the Chinese!!
Now THAT is an excellent idea!! I would be willing to bet Obama KNOWS the questions before they are asked. Wouldn't you love to see his face, fumbling through his notes, trying to find that 'brand new question'?? That would be priceless!! And Crowley's arrogant face muttering THAT is not what you submitted!!! ROFL How I will wish for that to happen.
The third debate is ALSO handled by the libitards. I have asked ever since it was announced that ALL the debates would be done by libs WHY??? Where is the conservatives guts?? Why haven't they stood up and DEMANDED equality? My hope is fading fast that there are enough politicians really on Americans side today. I think the poll on that would be 99.9% are in politics for fame/glory/money and .1% really care about America and its people.
The audience is supposed to submit the questions, but bird brained liberal Crowley is going to select WHICH questions SHE wants to use. Does anyone believe they will be 'equal' conservative/liberal? I sure don't. I would like them to poll the audience and see what the percentage is on Democrat/Republican/Independent. I know the polls they put out on support for the President are majority Democrat. They have had to admit to this. We do NOT have a fair MSM anymore. They are biased liberal campaign managers for Obama.
Only way he won't do worse is if they make an exception for him and let him have a teleprompter in front of him with somebody elses answers running across it. Maybe his notes they will type in great big letters so they will sorta act like a teleprompter. The man CANNOT answer questions/make a speech without help. He has proven this over and over. That is why his beloved teleprompter goes with him everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have one in his bathrooms! Somebody telling him when to wipe his butt. I also would not be a bit surprised if his camp does not get the questions BEFORE the debate so he can be prepared. T
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Mitt Romney, Big-Government Man

mbenton Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 10:01 AM
No, you're voting for Obama. That's all anybody that votes for Johnson is doing. The rest of us that have good sense say "THANKS A LOT for putting Obama back in."
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