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The Need to Explain

Mazzula Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 2:04 PM
Reagan was helped by the existence of people like Milton Friedman and William F Buckley, who created forums where they explained their ideas while seriously engaging criticisms from the left. Programs like "Free to Choose" and "Firing Line". Friedman recognized that we can address the political consensus for social supports in much more efficient ways, without the means tests, exclusionary regulations, and so forth that limit the productive allocation of resources. Nowadays, the right is still far more likely to engage diverse ideas, but the tone has become more argumentative than didactic. The goal should not be to win by manipulating psychology, but to teach and convince, taking concerns seriously.
kurt35 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 3:10 AM
the GOP needs to bring Thomas Sowell (a former student of Milton Friedman) on board as a consultant to candidates so he can teach them about basic economics so they can effectivele get the message out.

The most successful Republican presidential candidate of the past half century-- Ronald Reagan, who was elected and reelected with landslide victories-- bore little resemblance to the moderate candidates that Republican conventional wisdom depicts as the key to victory, even though most of these moderate candidates have in fact gone down to defeat.

One of the biggest differences between Reagan and these latter-day losers was that Reagan paid great attention to explaining his policies and values. He was called "the great communicator," but much more than a gift for words was involved. The issues that defined Reagan's vision were things he...