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Blacks Should Embrace NRA Gun Proposal

Maxtar Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 8:14 AM
A little known fact is that in the south during the 60's many blacks protected themselves from the white racists with legally owned firearms. It's funny how Jesse Jackson and the other black gun control folks leave that out when talking about the turbulent 60's.
Actually, it probably is a plus for the gun owner and a negative for the non-gun owning household. As a prosepective n'er do well prepares to rob homes in a certain neighborhood, do you think he will go to 3312 Main St if it is listed as a the address of a gun owner, or will he go to 3323 Main St where no firearm is listed as being present? I know which house I would attempt to enter.
That's right. When this set of new gun control laws don't work, there will just be another set, and then another. The prohibitionists will never be satisfied!
Hey Billy Boy, is my .308 Remington hunting rife now a "heavy weapon"? I've had enough of this blowhard and his rants about guns. I want some restrictions on the "heavy words" he uses. Sounds fair enough to me.
Harry Reid is a great American? What a lowlife this Senator really is, a man as corrupt as they come. Please tell me how he got so rich on a government salary?
Great observation Gov. Jindal! Both have been spending other people's money for so long, the idea of actually having to cut is creating a blockage in their brains.
And the good people in minority communities should be denied their gun rights? The killings are done by the "gangsta culture", fostered by the "one parent families culture" and the cycle of the "dependence culture". Funny how Mr. Belcher had his mother living with him. What happened to his Dad?
Maybe I'll just "open carry" during my next visit to Auto Zone and see if they enforce their "zero tolerance" policy with a paying customer.
Face it, Costas likes gun control and continues to debase those who do own firearms for self defense with name calling an innuendo. It's amazing to me that he would just "lay down and die" rather than having a gun and fighting back as talked about in O'Reilley's example. Would he also rather stand idly by and allow a 5 year old child to be raped ? His own wife maybe? What a coward!
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