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Free Speech at Risk as U.S. Synchronizes With Islam

MaxMan Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 8:55 AM
It is time to stop immigration from Mus-lim countries before it is too late!! Stopping immigration from Mu-s-lim countries has nothing to do with terror. Each country has the right to determined it's future and characteristics. There are hundred of millions of Mu-s-lims that will be glad to come to the west. If the current trend continues; within a short period of time the west will be colonized by Mu-s-lims. A country has the right to have a selective immigration policy. A country has the right to preserve its nature.
Louie13 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 11:16 AM
MaxMan, the Marxists who are running our Federal Government today are deliberately bringing in Muslims into America in an effort to DE-Christianize America, and the Marxists are also doing this in Europe.

What's wrong with the following Associated Press headline? "Charlie Hebdo cartoon spurs French gov't to order embassies, schools to close."

Cartoons of Muhammad in the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo didn't send France into lockdown. Their publication this week was a simple exercise in free speech on Islam, which Muslims in France and everywhere else in the world oppose as a violation of Islamic law (Shariah). It is Islamic rage over the fact that Islamic law is not dominant everywhere, all the time -- Muslims' signal weapon against a timid West -- that drove French authorities to take security precautions, not the...