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Sacrificial Scams

max-parrish Wrote: May 17, 2012 2:35 PM
I carry because I'm smaller and too old to fight. Also carrying allows me to truly consider my actions and to not act rashly. I'm more calm and less easily riled just thinking to myself, "That a$$ doesn't know what I have in my bra holster!" ericnot— you may live in the best neighborhood, but I bet you still have home insurance! If you truly want to know what is going on in your neighborhood, sign-up on spotcrime or similar e-mail notification. You'd be surprised. I mean, where are the crooks gonna go— a poor neighborhood— or to steal from a better one!
The real class warfare in this country isn't rich vs. poor, it's government employees vs. we, the taxpayers, who pay their salaries.

Working for the government is supposed to be a trade-off: You can't be fired and don't have to exert yourself, but you will receive smaller remuneration than in the private sector, where layoffs are common (especially in the Obama economy!). Instead, government jobs are safe, secure, pressure-free -- and now, amazingly lucrative!

Whether it's in Wisconsin, Illinois, California or the nation's capital, today's public sector workers expect to do little or no work (I'm not counting partying...

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