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Surrounded by Enemies

MAVERICK ONE Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 1:01 AM
The House & Senate ain;t gonna do nothing....Holder, Emanuel, & O reao are black. If they go agasint "affermative action" Rev Jesse & Brover Al & company will riot in the skreets as never before*****Oh by the way DO not forget Hillary and all her pals to include "Lady" Finestein & Charlie
JERUSALEM -- Until Jan. 30, I was working on a story about reaction here in Israel to the Obama administration's decision to provide advanced F-16 aircraft to Egypt. All that changed early Wednesday, when I received a call from an Israeli friend who told me: "Last night, the (Israeli air force) carried out a raid on a weapons convoy in Syria." He said the trucks were en route to Lebanon, making a "delivery of arms to Hezbollah," and "all aircraft returned safely." He then added, "Let's see how long it takes for us to be condemned by the 'friends of terrorists'...