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The Left's War on Women is Actually a War on Families

maverick13 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 1:41 AM
Obama, the Democrats and the MSM all believed Flukes manufactured war on women because it supported Obama's agenda. Obama, the Democrats and the MSM didn't want any part of the war on stay at home moms because it dealt with the economy. That is what Ann Romney said the women were more concerned with didn't she. The economy. The economy is too close to what Obama doesn't want to talk about. Therefore there's no war on the stay at home moms.

Thanks to liberal Democrat Hilary Rosen’s vicious attack on Ann Romney claiming that she has never had a “real job”, the conservative base of the GOP is now united in one front, to call out liberalism. Ann Romney, mother of 5 boys and a survivor of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, is a testament to the many mothers who made the selfless service of putting their families first.

This goes beyond attacking the wife of a presidential candidate. This is a vile attack on conservative women nationwide. According to the logic of the left, if you choose to raise a child...