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Michelle Obama: I Don’t Have Enough “Patience” to Run For Office

maverick13 Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 11:49 PM
It just gets better and better. If we say Obama is a far left radical socialist, what does that make Michelle. Whatever Obama is Michelle is twice that. Never forget that. Clyburn wants a breath of fresh air? No one is making him kiss Pelosi butt so much. He's does that all by himself. If Clyburn wants a breath of fresh air, then he should keep his distance from Pelosi.

If First Lady Michelle Obama decided to run, say, for a seat in the United States Senate, a recent poll suggests that Republicans would be hard-pressed to find a candidate who could defeat her. Thankfully, however, that will probably never happen:

First lady Michelle Obama said she did not want to run for elected office because she felt she lacked the patience needed to accomplish change in Washington.

The first lady was asked, in an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters released late Wednesday, why she had ruled out launching a bid for office herself.

"I have learned...