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It is Now Easier to Apply for a Green-Card Than Obamacare

maverick13 Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 1:53 AM
Of course Americans are in the dark about Obamacare. The people believing everything was free put themselves in the dark because they didn't want to know the devil in the details. Only that it was free. If any Conservative or Republican pointed anything out they were bullied by Obama, the Democrats and the MSM. Lie after lie by Obama got Obamacare the support of the people. Lie after lie by the MSM made the people think the Republicans didn't care about the people. Who do you think the people will blame? Obama? No way. The Republicans and insurance companies will get all the blame.

So you thought filing your taxes was a long, and laborious task…wait til you hear about Obamacare. It is currently quicker and easier to apply for a green-card than it is to apply for Obamacare- you know, that program that was supposed to help everyone, save them from the pains of getting health insurance. Well right now the draft of the paper application for Obamacare is 15 to 21 pages long, depending on whether you are applying for yourself or your family. Not only is the actual application long, but the instructions on how to fill out the...